What We Do

We are a technology solutions provider enabling the Internet of Things for businesses, startups, organizations, and individuals alike in the Philippines.

We integrate sensor technologies with wireless communications and software data analytics, to provide practical end-to-end solutions catered to very specific needs and use cases of clients. Whether it is for automation, or upgrading of existing systems to a smart connected network, or monitoring remote sensors in the farm or factory, or tracking logistics vehicle fleet, or visualization of data via a web/mobile app: we are ready to help you achieve the solution you need. Check out our initial IoT solutions offering!

Our technical and management team have 10 years experience in electronics and software, with previous successful IoT deployments in the US and UK. We have access to technology providers and strategic partners enabling us to determine and deliver the right solutions for your applications. We work in close collaboration with our clients and offer pilot system deployments to evaluate the solution first before upgrading to a full-scale deployment. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us now!


Before anything else, IoTUpBeat started as a blog and news site to primarily educate people on IoT and allow appreciation of its various applications.  We share a basic mission: to engage people with a practical perspective in the Internet of Things (IoT), take away the clutter from the buzz, and offer only fresh, easy-to-understand, high-quality content.

The Internet of Things can seem complicated, overwhelming and expensive – but it’s really about building and using Your Internet of Things, for your unique applications. We want to simplify stuff for you.

This blog is the ideal place to discover how people and companies are already unleashing the potential of IoT, and how your own businesses, organizations, and homes can harness the benefits IoT has to offer.

IoTUpBeat is your one-stop destination for IoT information :

  • IoT basics and know-hows
  • fresh news
  • business and industry trends
  • hardware and software technologies
  • smart products
  • local and international events
  • use cases covering a wide range of applications (e.g. healthcare, logistics, agriculture, smart city, energy, among others).

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