IoT as Fitness Partner? Why Not?


Sweating off the carbs doesn’t come easy. It takes a lot of motivation and maybe a not so slight nudge from another person, like someone who’s an expert in exercise and fitness. For those taking gym sessions, there’s usually the fitness coach assigned to you to check on your progress. But that’s for the more serious lot. If you’re just trying to shed some weight and would like to keep doing it long-term, you can have IoT by your side. Yes, as your fitness partner, IoT should be able to motivate you to keep your healthy lifestyle, with less hassle, less intrusion. Oh, and yes, without blowing a hole in your wallet.

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Tracking progress

Always, the greatest motivator for someone who works hard to lose weight is the amount of success you have achieved. Wouldn’t it be great to be constantly reminded of your progress? That’s what the IoT-based fitness tracker gives you. Long after you’ve made your extra lap during your morning run, while at work, you can check how far you’ve gone using your fitness tracker app which can be synced with your office or home computer. It shows you graphs, statistics, even comparisons and tells you the milestones you need to reach to keep your ideal weight.

Many health and fitness centers have taken IoT-based fitness trackers to a new level. A new chatbot app has been designed to communicate with gym members via smart phones to tell them when they need to hit the gym. It sends messages on the milestones you’ve achieved and gives tips on how to keep going. It sends not just simple reminders but encouraging words for you to reach your fitness goals. While members can choose not to avail of the chatbot app, many gym owners swear that it’s effective in pushing their members to not put off their schedule to exercise.

Sensors in the Gym

IoT’s reliability as a health partner can probably be tested in having it analyze your bio-stat and recommend a personalized fitness regimen for you. And then while you’re at the gym, sensors will be able to analyze your progress and keep you on track, just like what a regular fitness coach does. Sensors also help gym managers to know your preferences and allow them to customize their facilities according to your liking.

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To allow easier access to facilities, sensors are also being used by some fitness centers for face recognition. This means you can slide in and out of the gym without having to worry about bringing your membership card. All data (number of hours consumed, number of hours or days remaining in your membership, and other fitness-related information) will be sent to your phone.

While some gym enthusiasts think having chatbots and sensors to nag you about exercising and eating healthy can be too nerve-racking, many agree that IoT can be your best ticket to being fit for life.

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