January 2017

Connected TransportationUse Cases

Smart Transportation Case Study

Today, getting products and people from point A to point B takes more than planning a route and making traffic reports. Smart transportation is now inevitable to move people and goods fast, reliably and cost-effectively. Road congestion causes delays and potentially missing delivery windows. Managing deliveries and supply chains are thus keys to meeting customer expectation and improving service. Understanding
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Simple Explanation of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things? By now you may have heard about the term. Sounds interesting! But what does the Internet of Things mean? IoT is an evolution of global, home, and embedded applications that are being connected to the internet, integrating greater compute capabilities and using data analytics to extract meaningful
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Internet of Things: What’s The Buzz All About?

  For the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a hot topic not just in technology circles but among the general public. The average person may find IoT somewhat irrelevant. The concept of "things having their own internet", may even sound like science fiction with inflated claims or
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Embrace It or You’ll Be Left Behind

With the advent of the much talked about Internet of Things, the technologies for transformative business applications are at hand. Sensors and smart devices are very pervasive nowadays, that we encounter them in most of our daily activities: from your phone's GPS which apps like Waze use to guide your driving, to your wrist watch that checks your vital signs.  Explosion of
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Editors' Take

Welcome to IotUpBeat!

First of all, thank you for visiting our blog site.  Allow us to send our WARM  and UPBEAT WELCOME! credits Maybe you've already heard of the buzz word "IoT"; or you've read it in your facebook, twitter, or linkedin feeds; or elsewhere in the internet, you've came across it

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