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How to Be Secure at the Point Of Sale

In 2016, retail sales made through online transaction or paid over the Internet on a device reached almost $2 trillion. Almost 50% of these digital payments were made by people in Asia Pacific countries. Reports published by eMarketer indicate an upward trend and there's a strong indication that e-commerce in the Asia Pacific region will go up by 6% this
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IoT as Fitness Partner? Why Not?

Sweating off the carbs doesn't come easy. It takes a lot of motivation and maybe a not so slight nudge from another person, like someone who's an expert in exercise and fitness. For those taking gym sessions, there's usually the fitness coach assigned to you to check on your progress.
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It’s All About Culture

Three years from now, there will be 50 billion digital "things" connected to the Internet. Things at home, in the car, at the office, on the street, basically anywhere, and anytime (yes, even during our private moments) -- the IoT is bound to be part of every fiber of our being. Are you happy with that? Credits: Enterra Technological development,
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Philippines at the forefront of biodiversity conservation using IoT

Technology optimists say the Internet of Things can help save the world,  yet skeptics take it as something that feeds greed and idleness. Even Albert Einstein was somewhat fearful of the great leaps in technology that human beings were able to achieve, sensing that it will soon overlap people's humanity. Indeed, when everything is said and done, humanity is the
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Laws to Make Smart Cars More Secure and Accessible

Safety, convenience, theft prevention – these are some of the benefits cited by experts in the automotive industry on why vehicle owners should take IoT for cars seriously. The smart car has been around for a couple of years, but according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Administration in the United States, anxiety over hacking and generally, the
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